Ohio Good Samaritan Opioid Laws

Awareness Campaign

SPF-RX Ohio Training—Registration required
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Training and TA Portal

Awareness and Education Campaign: Ohio’s Good Samaritan Laws
Welcome to the training and technical assistance portal for Ohio’s upcoming opioid misuse reduction and prevention campaign, focused on educating communities across the state about our Good Samaritan regulations. This  SPF-Rx framework will be used to develop this statewide awareness and education campaign.

The free TA and training is being provided by MEE Productions Inc., an organization hired by OhioMHAS for its expertise in public and mental health communications, behavioral health interventions, and cultural competency knowledge. MEE is also an expert in using community participatory research processes as the foundation for effective community engagement and mobilization. The activities available through in-person trainings and online technical assistance will increase your skills and capacity for outreach in the community and digital reach via social media. Through this process, OhioMHAS hopes to support the maintenance and growth of your Coalition’s presence in both digital (online) and grassroots (offline) spheres. Gain access to exclusive technical assistance and training opportunities, along with use of specially created communications vehicles produced for the campaign.

TA and Training Topics

  • How can the TA and training offered through MEE and OhioMHAS benefit my Coalition’s work to reduce and prevent opioid misuse?
  • What do we collectively want the goals, outcomes and call-to-action to be for Ohio’s Good Samaritan Awareness and Education Campaign?
  • What will it take for my Coalition to improve our digital reach and presence?
  • What will it take for my Coalition to build active community partnerships and improve authentic outreach and engagement in our community?
  • How will our Coalition be able to customize this statewide Good Samaritan Campaign (using toolkits, outreach tools and templates) to meet the specific needs and interests of my community?
  • How do on-the-ground outreach and an online presence work together to garner community buy-in, establish trusting relationships, build credibility and truly move the numbers?
  • What’s the most effective way to make skeptical residents who have low levels of trust in “the system” aware of local treatment and recovery resources?
  • How can I leverage my new communications expertise to serve as a “go-to person” for other coalitions and providers in my region?
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