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Trauma-Informed Health Communications 101:
Targeting Low-Income Communities of Color

Participants in the communications sessions will learn skills to develop trauma-informed and culturally-relevant health communications messaging that resonates with African American audiences and encourages sustainable lifestyle changes.

Participants will also learn about the unique social determinants (including ongoing exposure to stress and trauma) that low-income, urban and under-resourced residents face, and how a protective factor-informed (asset-based) approach will enhance community engagement efforts.

Participants will learn the importance of community mobilization and how community-based organizations, non-profits, and community opinion leaders are an effective and cost-efficient public health communications channel.

After attending all three (3) workshop sessions, participants will:

  • Understand why it is an essential first step to actively and honestly engage members of the target audience in the development of messages and programs intended for them.
  • Have expanded their “communication toolboxes” to include both traditional and non-traditional communication approaches that work within a variety of budget ranges.
  • Know how to involve a broad cross-section of grassroots community access touch-points in conversations about health disparities.
  • Have the skills to effectively engage and mobilize members of African-American and other underserved communities in a fruitful, respectful community-wide dialogue.
  • Gain understanding of ways to decrease stigmas, so that people will be more likely to seek out their services.
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